Improving Access to Drinking Water, Sanitation Can Prevent Stunting

Improving Access to Drinking Water, Sanitation Can Prevent Stunting

Senin, 24 Juli 2023 – 16:18 WIB

Jakarta – Along with National Children’s Day every July 23, the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) continues to provide support for the Stunting prevention program through improving drinking water and sanitation infrastructure

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“If Indonesian children have no access to clean water and good sanitation, they are at risk of Stunting. This must be avoided. Hence, the government extensively pursue program to facilitate access to clean water and sanitation,” Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said on Sunday.

He also emphasized that the ministry gives infrastructure support through People-Based Clean Water and Sanitation Facility (Pamsimas) and People-based Sanitation (Sanimas) –are developed by one of the ministry’s unit, the Directorate General for Human Settlement,

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Menteri PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono.

Their Public Infrastructure scheme aims to allocate budget for public infrastructures for people, down to village area and even remote places, and push for better economy and create more job opportunities, Minister Hadimuljono added.

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Based on letter from National Development Planning Ministry which outlines special scheme of stunting reduction measures in 2023 which is through clean water and sanitation infrastructures development applied across 246 disctricts and cities spread across 12 provinces. 

In 2023 budget, as much as IDR 385.6 billion (US$25.6 million) is allocated gradually for the ministry’s Pamsimas program that take place in 964 villages; whereas as much as IDR 661.5 billion (US$44 million) is for Local Waste Water Domestic Management System (SPALD-S), which takes place in 1,890 villages, he added.

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Minister Hadimuljono stated that the programs will contribute to the efforts to prevent stunting, as it offers indirect interventive measures through improved facilities.


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